How to download YouTube playlist

Most of the time when you find some article on the web with the title like “How to download YouTube playlist to MP3” it will be full with some paid promotion. You will read some biased review about some third-rate app which paid dearly to the website owner. Of course it is neither the best nor the cheapest way to get things done. We decided to change this completely. Here is the description of the only real method of downloading YouTube playlists for FREE!

Free YouTube Playlist Downloader

Let’s stop for a moment and think. If everybody is trying to make money selling you their apps then the only option will be to find some opensource (and that’s why free of charge) solution to our problem.

The most popular and up-to-date solution is the famous YouTube-Dl. It works perfectly well on any OS – Windows, Unix-Linux, macOS. The only negative is that there is no graphic user interface and you have to use command line. It is perfectly easy – believe us.

Here are the full instructions.

Enjoy this wonderful method to download playlists for free and without any ads, paid apps or any limitations.

What is YouTube Playlist

Ok, it’s pretty simple: YouTube Playlist – is just a collection of videos put together by someone (it could be yourself or some other kind person). Main function of playlists is to group somehow related videos in one big or small list to ease your navigation in the sea of content.

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